I name you

“To write a name is to rescue someone from the world of oblivion, which retains everything ”. ⎯Frederika Amalia Finkelstein,L
Memoria Viva is part of the international Written Names program under the name “I Name You”. It is a non – profit initiative created to remember the Shoah victims names that were forgotten, and to maintain the memory of the people of Israel forever.
Written Names and Memoria Viva join to give you the chance to raise the names of the ones that lost their lives in the Shoah

And I will give them in my house and within
my walls a place and a name
that will never perish

Isaías 56:5

For the first time children studying for their bar and bat mitzvah will be able to honor one of the 6 million Jews who were killed by the Nazis.
How? Either through your own synagogue or by writing to us at contacto@mviva.org you can begin to perform this mitzvah.

We will assign you the name and story of a child who did not make it to his bar/bat mitzvah. From that moment on, you start a journey to the past, bringing it to the present with your actions and thus fulfilling the mitzvah of uplifting the soul.
We are waiting for you, write to contacto@mviva.org or ask at your synagogue.

“To write a name is to rescue someone
from the world of oblivion, which absorbs everything”.

Frederika Amalia

Plant a flower, raise a person's name.
To honor those who are not here and celebrate life (B'nei mitzvah, births, anniversaries, birthdays and other events), we invite you to create a living memorial.
Memoria Viva will send you a card with embedded Linaria (Moroccan Linaria) seeds.
Choose the place where you want to plant this card and write the name of the victim you are honoring. After a few months a beautiful flower will start to grow.
Students from the CIS bar and bat mitzvah program planting their flower.