¿What is
Abro Memoria?

Abro Memoria is
a project of
Memoria Viva and the
Jewish Archive
of Chile.

Two renowned institutions with years of experience have joined forces for an unprecedented project in Chile: generating the largest digital archive of the Shoah. We will actively search for documents, recordings, letters and material related to the refugees and survivors of the Shoah who stayed in our country, to preserve the treasures hidden in the homes of hundreds of families.


We invite the survivors and refugees, as well as their children (the so – called 2G), grandchildren (3G) and all the members of the Jewish Community of Chile to participate in this project, filling the contact form.

Donate or loan:

All these materials will be preserved with first class conservation mechanisms and according to world standards. We have the experts from the Jewish Archive of Chile and the trajectory of Memoria Viva to do a job of the highest quality. The records will be digitized and preserved in the Jewish Archive of Chile and in the Memoria Viva digital archive for your direct access.

In case you only want to loan the material, we will pick it up from your home in acid-free folders and with the necessary legal safeguards, then we will digitize it and return it to you in perfect conditions in less than 48 hours.


This is a registry of invaluable historical value, fundamental for jewish education and of Human Rights. It is our duty to preserve it for the next generations.
This project is financed by contributions from people like you and by competitive funds obtained from Claims Conferenceand Keren Hayesod.

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